RMMV plugin : Database convert between RPG Maker MV and Excel sheet.


I tried "Database convert Plugin" created by triacontane-san that can mutually convert between RPG Maker MV / RMMV and Excel etc.

…………Oh…………triacontane-san is really amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!

What can it do?

According to triacontane-san's blog post, the following can be carried out by editing Excel etc.

  • Adjustment of parameters with a overhead view of the entire Database.
  • Effective and highly flexible editing of Database and Event using formulas, formats, and macros.
  • Porting Database and Events to other projects.

In other words, it is possible to edit and analyze various parameters and such at once in a fairly simple and free manner.

For example, Item and Enemy is useful for games in which a large number appears.

However, intermediate to advanced users who can understand the mechanism of RMMV are the target users.

Try using it.


Open "Plugin Manager" and turn on this plugin.

Be sure to create a backup in advance. He has also prepared backup plugin.



Files can be input and output in xlsx, xlsm, xlsb, ods, fods, csv, tsv format.




Save only the first time.



Establish [ Event Command : EXPORT_DATABASE ] and execute test by selecting it from the menu that appears by right-clicking.



In Console, "Export" will be output. And look at your project folder.



Database.xlsx will be created within excelData Folder (if it is the initial value) !!



Database.xlsx is editable.
It is possible to switch between each database with the tab buttons on the bottom.



Edit the part to be rewritten and save.



Quickly, execute [ Event Command: IMPORT_DATABASE ] and test play...



You can check the rewriting within the game!


Note that the Excel formulas IMPORT the calculation results.




For details, check triacontane-san's blog post. Otherwise, "Help" within plugin also has explanation.



Additionally, there is also a function to output Command currently selected in Event editor.